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Thousands of unique landmarks have been born in the USA, from the east coast to the west.

Here we've picked out 21 famous sights - including one that was used as a filming location in the 1998 blockbuster Armageddon and another that was officially named the first national monument in the U.S. But can you name them and identify where they're located?

Scroll down to put your knowledge of America to the test.



No.1 - At 1,943ft (592m) in depth, this is the deepest lake in the U.S - what's it called and which state is it located in?

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No. 2 - The band Coldplay filmed their music video for the 2015 song Birds at this site - what is it called and which state is it in?

No.3 - It took a team of 400 workers to carve this famous site. Can you name it and identify which state it is in? 

No.4 - This landmark was once known by the nickname 'Nose Mountain' - what is its name and which state is it in?

No.5 - This sight is a big hit with Instagrammers, with the National Park Service branding it a 'social media darling'. Can you name it and the state where it's located?

No.6 - The name of this attraction translates to 'high cliffs'. Do you know what it's called and which state it's located in? 

No.7 - Built in the 1960s, this monument cost £10.6million ($13million) to construct - what is it called and which city is it located in? 

No.8 - In 1906, President Theodore Roosevelt named this landmark the first official national monument in the U.S. Do you know what it's called and which state it is located in? 

No.9 - You might spot African oryx at this stunning desert. Can you name it and identify which state it can be found in? 

No.10 - This popular site receives more than 1.5million visitors a year, but can you name it and name the state it's set in ? 

No.11  - This bridge appeared in the 1989 James Bond film Licence to Kill - what's it called and which state is it in? 

No.12 - This fascinating 11th-century site was abandoned, but rediscovered by local farmers in 1888. What is it called and which state is it located in? 

No.13 - The trees at this site are around 300 years old. Do you know the site's name and which state can you find it in? 

No.14 - This landmark holds the claim to fame as the largest privately owned house in the U.S - can you name it and identify which state it lies in? 

No.15 - The top half of this famously lofty mountain is permanently coated with snow. What is it called and which state is it located in? 

No.16 - The ashes of the famous photographer Ansel Adams were scattered here. Can you name the landmark and guess which state it's found in?

No.17 - This landscape was used as a filming location in the 1998 blockbuster Armageddon, doubling as the surface of an asteroid. What is it called and which state is it located in?

No.18 - This is one of America's most eye-catching beaches. Can you name it - and the state it's in?

No.19 - This waterfall, measuring 212ft (65m) tall and 925ft (282m) wide, is one of the largest natural waterfalls in the U.S. Do you know what it's called and the state it's in?

No.20 - Dating back to 1789, this is the oldest building of its kind in North America. Can you name it and the city it's in? 

No.21 - Can you name this 605ft-tall structure and the city it's in?


No.1 - Crater Lake is a volcanic lake that can be found in Oregon's Crater Lake National Park.

No.2 - Salvation Mountain is a man-made mountain painted with Christian turns of phrase and verses from the Bible that lies near the city of Calipatria in California.

No.3 - Mount Rushmore National Memorial is a sculpture that has been carved into Mount Rushmore in South Dakota's Black Hills region. The faces of the U.S. presidents George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln are carefully etched into the granite face of the mountain. 

No.4 - Chimney Rock, rising to 4,228ft (1,289m) above sea level, is a rock formation in Morrill County in Nebraska.

No.5 - Known as the 'east rim of the Grand Canyon', Horseshoe Bend is a curve of the Colorado River near the town of Page, Arizona.

No.6 - The iconic Na Pali Coast, part of the Na Pali Coast State Wilderness Park, can be found on the northwest of Hawaii's Kauai Island.

No.7 - The Gateway Arch is a 630ft- (192m) tall landmark in St. Louis, Missouri, that’s known as the world's tallest arch. Visitors can travel to the summit of the steel and concrete arch by tram.

No.8 - Standing at 5,112ft (1,559m) above sea level, Devils Tower is a butte (a type of hill) in the Black Hills in Wyoming's Crook County.

No.9 - White Sands National Park in New Mexico's Tularosa Basin is the world's largest gypsum (a sulfate mineral) dune field, famous for its sprawling white dunes.

No.10 - Arches National Park - home to more than 2,000 sandstone arches - can be found north of the city of Moab in Utah.

No.11 - The Seven Mile Bridge is a bridge in the Florida Keys in Florida's Monroe County. It spans from the city of Marathon to Little Duck Key.

No.12 - The Cliff Palace is an Ancestral Puebloan (an ancient Native American civilisation) cliff dwelling that was built into the cliffs of Mesa Verde National Park, Colorado. 

No.13 - Oak Alley Plantation is a historic plantation located by the Mississippi River in the Louisiana community of Vacherie. Tragically, more than 100 people were enslaved at the plantation in the 19th century.

No.14 - Biltmore House is a historic house in Asheville, North Carolina. It was built for George Washington Vanderbilt II in the late 19th century and it's still owned by his descendants today.

No.15 - Denali mountain is set within the Alaska Range in Alaska, and it's famed as the highest mountain in North America. It stands 20,310ft (6,190m) above sea level.

No.16 - Half Dome is an iconic rock formation in California's Yosemite National Park.

No.17 - The Badlands National Park lies in southwestern South Dakota. The striped colours of the landscape are the product of the layers of rock that have built up over time.

No.18 - Cannon Beach, featuring the Haystack Rock sea stack, is the beach in the Oregon city of Cannon Beach.

No.19 - Shoshone Falls is a waterfall on Snake River in Idaho that goes by the nickname 'Niagara of the West'.

No.20 - The St. Louis Cathedral in New Orleans is the oldest cathedral in continuous use in the U.S.

No.21 - Space Needle in Seattle has a revolving observation deck 500ft up.

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